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Our Summer Sucess Newsletter

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We have had a great summer

Over the last 6 months LNC Activities and Training Team aimed for Gold and we can say we have achieved it.

The Senior Leadership Team would like to say a huge THANK YOU and well done to our dedicated Team, Extended Business Supporters, Friends, Family and yourselves for partcipating.

LNC Activities and Training was Founded in 2006, and has developed over the years into what it is today, we are a not for proffit, Social Enterprise, and we are run by a team of dedicated Volunteers, our oxford centre is currently having a makeover.

The LNC AT Team would like to share with you our sucess stories of the Summer, and hopefully see you again on one of our events or courses.

All our projects are self funding, and we can not have done it with out the huge number of donations we recieve from our supporting companies, and we would like to say a huge Thank You to our current benefactors. please click here.




What we are able to achieve with this support


In August this year, it was a great pleasure to work alongside a local Children's Hospice, and allow two very sick young children out on the water, one of which was William RIP had a rare case of Leukemia and cerebral Pusey, and his wish was to play on the water in a boat,

With 2 of our senior instructors, we arranged to get William out in a Canoe, with 14 Infusion Pumps and Oxygen attached, plus monitoring equipment, not a easy challenge, but we managed it, with safety plans, and medical teams and ambulance teams involved, we got him out on the water, were by the end of the session he was self paddling a canoe, Mum and Dad were in Tears  we all were and still to this day brings us to tears.

Our staff went to visit him, and he was buzzing for the next 10 days, till he sadly passed away, but we were left with one wish from William, please do not forget me, and help other sick people to paddle like I did with you, that was amazing thank you



BBC Country File Live

LNC Activities and Training played host to thousands of first-time Canoe and Kayakers at BBC Countryfile Live this August, The live event at Blenheim Palace Oxfordshire,this was the ideal venue to let the Great British Public experience the fun of kayaking and Canoeing in the estate's spectacular waterside setting.

Over the four days the LNC team voluntarily ran over 700 daily 'Have a go!' sessions, this allowed mum, dad, the kids of all ages and even the grandparents to be part of the fun.

This is how the many of the UKs Gold Medal Canoe and Kayak Olypians have started their carrers with a simple taster session.

Families booked in with the team from angling charity Get Hooked on Fishing and LNC Outdoors for free canoe and fishing sessions.

This joined up offer of boating and angling was a huge hit with over 5,000 booking on for the fishing, coracles, canoe and kayak have-a-go activities, and a packed waterside zone where hundreds more families could experience the fun of the waterside, there was even a option to watch the Coracle Society build their historic craft.

Word soon spread round the cast of the TV show about the waterside activity with presenters Matt Baker, Tom Heap, Adam Henson and Anita Rani coming to see the coracles, Kayaks and Canoes. There was even the odd photograph of the presenters  paddling or casting a line.

We know as a team we had a great time at the show and it was nice to see so many of you enjoying yourselves, maybe you could share them on Facebook and Twitter your pictures, highlights and fun at the waterside.

#LNC Waterside


Save the Date now for 2017, LNC Activities and Training are already planning for next years show, it would be great to see you all there.




The Water Search & Rescue Team have been busy out to 36 Call out in June, July and August

22 Missing People

3 Vehicle Inciedents

11 Flooded Properties

The Water Search & Rescue Team is a voluntary search & rescue team that works on a pager call out system 24/7 365 days a year, the whole operation relies on the kindness of donations we recieve, with out these we can not support the work we do.
Our purpose is to provide response and operational support to the Fire Service, Police and Ambulance in a range of situations including;
  •    Responding nationally to flooding under the DEFRA Concept of Operations

  •    Water rescue incidents within the local area

  •    Local & widespread flooding  

  •    Flood support to local communities including flood evacuation

  •    Searches for missing and vulnerable people

  •    Provide support during times of adverse weather conditions

  •    Provide support at water related incidents when required


Due to national funnding cuts services like us are being called upon more often.


If you would like to find out more how to help the team, as a volunteer or make a donation to keep our services going please click here.




Friends of LNC Activities and Training


The Friends were founded in 2011, to support the Outdoor Activities Centre and to keep people in touch with developments and activities at the Centre.
Membership is open to all, including business, individuals, organisations and people outside the movement who are interested in LNCAT.
The group has gradually grown and now has over 240 members, all enjoying the benefits and making new friends.

Read more

Benefits of Become a Friend

Course Discount
On joining you will receive a code which entitles you to get 20% discount of all eligible courses
for example we run First Aid at Work Requalifications courses  cost is £180 per candidadate with a Friends Discount you recieve 20% off so that becomes £144 per candidate




Current and Future Projects LNC Activities and Training
LNC Activities and Training have now been given a perfect place to base our work from, it is a former Industrial building and we are in the process of upgrading the building.
Capital Projects completted:
Cleaning the whole building removing over 5, 22yard skips worth of other people rubbish.
Replacing all the rotten windows with new UPVC windows.
Repainiting the reception, Toilets and Offices
Capital Projects we are working on:
Changing Room and Showers with Dissabled facilities.
If you would like to help the team of volunteers doing all this work, or your company can help us with sourcing materials please do get in contact with the team. 
We Would like to say Thank you  
We could not carry out the work to support all the people we support with out the kindness and support of our Volunters, Friends, Business and comercial partners.
We have been able to offer activities to over 3,000 people in the last year and the 5,000 at the BBC Country File Live, this is a such a huge achievment and we can not do it with out all the help and support we recieve.
LNC Activities and Training Ltd would like to thank you all for your generous support and services, and we would like to say a huge thank you to all our business, and individuals on the Benefactors Pages
LNC Activitiies and Training Ltd
The Krouse Building,
Carterton Industrial Estate
Black Bourton Road
OX18 3EZ
01993 844723

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