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Reducing our Carbon Footprint

Ways  we are working to Reduce our Carbon Footprint
1. Reduce energy use
To reduce our energy usage as a company we plan to focus on three key areas:
1. Lighting (installing energy efficient lighting and making sure lights are switched off when out of use either manually or through automatic sensors)
2. Office equipment (switching off equipment or introducing automatic power shutdown systems)
3. Heating (actions include: better roof and walling insulation, regular heating maintenance)
2. Recycle more and send less waste to landfill
Waste that ends up in landfill produces methane which is a greenhouse gas.
To reduce emissions from waste as a company we have focused on only using certifiable waste, management company.
Currently we use Grundon as our waste management company.
3.Substantially Energy Production
LNC Activates and Training is committed to using our building to the maximum to sustainable produce energy. (we plan to install Solar Photovoltaics on our building roof)
If you feel you can support our commitment to reducing our carbon foot print, please contact us