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About Us

LNC Activities and Training, or (LNC AT for short), is a not for profit, Social Enterprise Community Interest Company, aimed at allowing everyone an opportunity to Let your adventure begin.

LNC AT, is fully committed to allow everyone a opportunity, in accordance with our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion statement.

LNC AT has the aim to educate and support the learning of every indivdual, and develope there own goals. click here to see who we are acreditited learning partners are

LNC AT as stated above is not for profit, meaning any money we make goes back into replacing the equipment and new projects to further benefit our participants. 

LNC AT Senior Leadership Team and associated sub teams are all volunteers carrying out their role to support the members and users of our centre, and a lot of our instructor team are operating in a voluntary role, with out these volunteers we could not keep the running cost as low as we can.

LNC AT offer courses across a wide range of sports and recreations, including Kayaking, Canoeing, Hiking, Cycling, Archery and many more. We are also constantly updating and developing our coaches arsenal of skills across all areas to bring new activities, sports and challenges, so as you can get the most out of your outdoor life. 

LNC AT offers a lot of learning cources, from online learning through to classroom lead courses, as well as hands on training and educating, we aim to allow everyone the opertunity to learn and study about new qualifications and Vocational Qualifications, such as instructor course through to online learning.

Our Outdoor Activity club meets most weeks to allow people the opportunity to explore and develop with in their community and stay healthy with the array of sports on offer.

This also means we, as an organisation are able to work with all ages and abilities. So whatever your level or at what ever point in life you decide to begin we are ready to help you along the way.

But as we all know its not all about new skills and qualifications, everyone needs there down time. For that we organise regular trips and weeks away. These range from our activity trip to the Ardeche each year, to a relaxing chug around the midlands on a narrow boat.

We are happy to accommodate groups and parties for birthdays and special occasions, just drop us an email. Let us know what you would like to achieve and we will do our best to make that happen for you. 

So with all this on offer and something for everyone, what are you waiting for? Sign up today and begin an adventure with LNC Activities and Training.   

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