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Narrow Boat Activity Week - LNC Activities and Training Ltd

Narrow Boat Activity Trip

  • £28000
  • Save £40

10 days of traveling round the Warwickshire Ring, on board a 69ft Narrow boat

Suitable for all.

This is the perfect place to unwind, relax, have fun, eat great food, taking to a canal by boat is a unique experience not to be forgotten. As you leave the pressures of the modern world behind, the pace of life slows down considerably.

Boating on the canals and rivers will transport you back to a time when there was no term for ‘road rage’ and traveling from Birmingham to London in 12 days was considered hasty. What were once the speedy highways of the 18th century are now green corridors providing a leisurely way of traveling from town to town.

Boating allows you to appreciate the unique variety of wildlife the canals are home to while passing through 200-year-old working heritage structures. However, not everything about boating is shrouded in history. While you can enjoy the novelty of using a Victorian transport system, passing through locks and over aqueducts built at the height of the industrial revolution, you no longer have to rough it!

The boats come with running water, sanitation facilities and heating!

Our friendly, experienced instructors will teach you as much as you want to learn at a pace that is perfect for you. We can't stress enough that the week is a holiday based around the canal network.

This includes Boat Hire associated fees, the cost also includes food, and travel from our Oxfordshire base, to the boarding point, near Coventry.

There is also a option to complete your Inland Waters Helmsman Certificate, (Addidional Cost Please see the options at time of booking)

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