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Legal Information


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Registered office address:- PO BOX 397, Carterton, Oxfordshire, OX18 9DY

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Vat Number 184287967

Acknowledgement of risk
There will always be some real risk involved in the adventure activities we offer. This residual risk is inherent in the activity and cannot be eliminated without devaluing the activity, or the reason for doing it.

The risk is generally confined to a similar level which a normal child involved in normal active play may experience, or a normal adult involved in normal active recreation.

We at LNC Activities and Training believe the level of risk is low and is a tolerable risk when compared to the benefits. However, you must decide if you consider it tolerable.

Civil and criminal law requires that we take all reasonable care of you. We believe we do more than we are required to by law, but certain inherent risks may still remain which we cannot remove without destroying the nature of the activity.

Our aim is to reduce risks to the lowest tolerable level consistent with the nature and ethos of the activity.

We fully accept our legal and moral responsibilities in these matters but feel that you, as a normal, caring parent or guardian would wish to be fully informed about what the participant may experience.