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Friends of LNC Activities and Training

The Friends were founded in 2011, to support the Outdoor Activities Centre and to keep people in touch with developments and activities at the Centre.
Membership is open to all, including business, individuals, organisations and people outside the movement who are interested in LNCAT.
The group has gradually grown and now has over 240 members, all enjoying the benefits and making new friends.

We meet twice a year – holding a open day in the Spring and a Friends Day  during October. This gives members an opportunity to visit the centre and hear what is going on. News-letters are sent out twice a year. 
Thank you to our current friends and their subscriptions (a cost of £10 per year) and the generous donations of members, we have been able to give over £8,000 to the LNC AT. 
Our donations have been used to support the centre and used to help provide many items such as the Bouyancy Aids.

We welcome new "Friends", who are interested in the Our Activity Centre. If you wish to become a Friend, you can join here.

Benefits of Become a Friend

Priority Booking
We send you advance mailings and email alerts so you can book your preferred courses before the general public
Course Discount
On joining you will receive a code which entitles you to get 20% discount of all eligible courses
Special Invitations
LNC AT Friends are also invited to other occasional events and receptions. Such as the Awards Dinner (Additional charges may apply.)
If you wish to become a Friend, you can join here.