Inland Waters Helmsman Certificate



The Inland Waters Helmsman Certificate course.

The course is offered over one or two days. The one day course is recommended for those boaters that already have some experience. The two day course is recommended for those with little or no boat

The one day course is aimed at experienced boaters needing to polish existing skills.

The two day course is aimed at novices, new to boat handling.

 Both the one day and the two day courses cover:-

Collision Avoidance

IRPCS Power & Sail

Bylaws & Local Regulations

Publications to be Carried

Care of the Environment

Avoiding Damage

Pollution Avoidance

Consideration for Others

Helmsmanship & Boat Handling

Steering in a River or Canal

Interaction & Canal Effect

Control of Speed


Mooring & Unmooring

Man Overboard


Personal Safety

Identification of Risks

Cold Shock

Lifejackets & Buoyancy Aids

Crush Injury Fending Off

Risks to Children



Common Nautical Terms

Warps & Fenders

Throwing a Line




Maintenance of Levels

Operation of Locks

Lock Etiquette

Tending Lines in Locks


Engine Care

Routine Checks

Bridges & Tunnels

Operation of Bridges

Tunnel Procedures


There is course, is run with our Trainer Tim Allen from Watercraft.

Please advise suitable dates when booking the course, or ring up for the latest course dates.

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