BCU 3 Star Open Canoe Training and Assessment - Safe paddling on Lakes and Rivers

LNC Activities and Training Ltd


Canoes are about travelling distances effortlessly, to this end our 3 star canoe courses look at how to control your canoe on flat water, looking at the required 3 star skills to achieve this, including good paddle choice, trim, sailing, and the actual paddle skills.

After a day on the flat, we take these honed skills and apply them to the moving water environment. Here we look at reading the river, planning your route down the rapids, and controlling your canoe.

By the end of your BCU 3 Star Canoe course you will be happy to control your canoe on large open water and on moving rivers. This will include ferry gliding, breaking in/out, reverse ferries and surfing small waves etc.

Duration - This is a 2 day course, that covers all the required skills and theory. For those of you who have some experience, you should be ready and will be assessed over the two days, for those of you with less experience we would recommend booking a third assessment day after you have consolidated what we have taught you on this course.

Note: If you are undertaking your BCU 3 Star award as a pre-requisite for the BCU/UKCC Level 2 Coach Training course, please note that best practice recommends that you gain your 3 Star award well before you attend your Level 2 Training course. This allows you a period of consolidation during which you can practice and hone your new skills before learning how to coach them to others. If you have a good amount of previous experience (including being coached by a qualified instructor) then you may not need this period of consolidation and may be able to undertake your 3 Star award closer to the date of your Level 2 Training course. If in doubt, please call us.

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