BCU 2 Star Award Training and Assessment - Two Day Course

LNC Activities and Training Ltd


Get the fundamentals right in both canoe and kayak and your enjoyment of the sport will grow, our course is all about the fundamentals of paddlesport, using your boat paddle and body to do what you want to do.

The 2 Star award is trained and assessed over two days allowing plenty of time for progression and improvement. The aim of the 2 star test is to show that you have control over a canoe and kayak on sheltered water. Basically put, this means that we look at the skills needed to move your canoe/kayak around easily and gracefully, but more importantly we get you to be able to decide how to modify those skills depending on the weather and what you want the boat to do.

This is all about being a Paddler, not just someone who sits in a boat and floats about. Our instructors will use their experience to take you from where you are and get you up to the standard to hopefully pass. This is a fantastic two days working hard on the water, learning skills and theory but having a lot of fun in the process.

Canoe and kayak hire is included.

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